Take a SharePoint Site Collection Backup Using Central Administration

In this article I would like to share the procedure to take a backup of a specific site collection.

Procedure to take a backup of SharePoint Site Collection

Step 1

Go to Central Administration using a Farm Administrator account as shown below:

administrator account

Step 2

In Central Administration, click “Backup and Restore” from the left navigation. Then you will be navigated to the Backup and Restore page.

backup and restore

Step 3

On the Backup and Restore page click “Perform a site collection backup” under the “Granular Backup” to take a specific site collection.

granular backup

Step 4

When you click on “Perform a site collection backup”, you will be navigated to the Site Collection backup page. There you can change the site collection as you want.

change site collection

Step 5

Then specify the destination for the backup package on the text box as shown below.

site collection backup

Step 6

Click on the Start Backup to create a backup package.

start backup option in sharepoint

Step 7

When you click on Start Backup, you will get the following Granular backup Job status.

Finally the backup process will be completed.

granular backup job status


In this article we explored how to take a backup for a specific SharePoint site collection using Central Administration.