Converting Access 2010 tables and Forms to SharePoint 2010 List and Forms

In this article I am going to show you the fantastic integration of Access 2010 with SharePoint 2010.You can design tables and forms in Access 2010 and can export to SharePoint 2010.

1. First of all you have to open Access 2010 and Create a blank database for our demo

2. I have created a Database named SharePoint Demo

3. Click Create


4. Create a Table for the demo I have created a Table with the below columns
  • EMP Name
  • Address
  • Email ID
5. Once you done with the columns click Save and Give a name for the table I have given EMP_TABLE


6. Then next step I am going to create form for this I am using form wizard for the same

7. Click Create then select Form Wizard

8. From the next Screen select the fields you want to see in the form from the table I have selected 
  • EMP Name
  • Address
  • Email ID
9. Click Next

10. I have selected the TABULAR option from the next screen and clicked NEXT and select default option from the next screen and click FINISH


11. I have populated the table with some more data


12. Now Right click on the table and select Export SharePoint List


13. Give the URL of your site in the next screen .You can give name for your list also 

14. Click OK

15. Now the list is opened with our data as shown below


16. If you click on New Form you can see the columns in our Access also created by default in our LIST New form.