Retention Policy for a document library in SharePoint 2010

In this article we will be seeing how to apply the retention policy for the document library in SharePoint 2010.

In SharePoint 2010 we can apply the retention policy to a content type, to a list or document library or to a folder. Here we will be applying the retention policy to a document library or folders.

In SharePoint 2010 we can apply expiration policy in multiple stages, where each stage can perform some specific actions.

The following OOTB actions are available in SharePoint 2010:

  • Move to Recycle Bin
  • Permanently Delete
  • Transfer to another location
  • Start a workflow
  • Skip to next stage
  • Declare record
  • Delete previous drafts
  • Delete all previous versions

For example, here I will be creating the following retention policy.
  • Any document created should be declared as a record after 2 months.
  • Any declared record should be transferred to other location after 2 months.

Retention Policy for document library:
  • Go to the document library => Library settings =>Permissions and Management => Information manage policy settings.
  • You can see the Content Type policies.

  • By default, retention is enabled within a SharePoint site collection for the Content Type but for overriding the retention schedules on folders or libraries activate the feature called "Library and Folder based retention".
  • It is activated as a Site Collection Feature.
  • Go to Site Actions => Site Settings =>Site Collection Administration => site Collection Features => activate the feature "Library and Folder based retention".

  • Now you will be able to see the Library Based Retention Schedule.
  • In the Library Based Retention Schedule click on the link Change Source.
  • In the "Source of Retention" section, select the "Libraries and Folders" option.


  • The following message will pop up.

  • Click Ok.
  • Click on "Add a retention stage" link.

  • In the Event category select the time period as shown in the following.
  • In the Action category select the option "Declare Record".

  • Click Ok.
  • Similarly create the other stage policy as shown in the following.

  • Retention Policies for the content type:

  • Click Ok.

File Plan Report for the document library:
  • Download the file plan report of the document library.
  • In the retention details you can see the following details.


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