Expression Blend 3 With Sketch Flow


Microsoft has released Silverlight 3 recently. Good news is Microsoft has released a Release Candidate for Expression Blend 3 also. It's called Expression Blend 3 + Sketch Flow. There are several enhancements from the old Expression Blend 3 Mix 09 Preview. In this article we will be discussing some of the Templates those are added into this release.

Starting with a New Project in Expression Blend 3

In Expression Blend 3 RC release a new concept is added called Sketch Flow. So some templates are with Sketch Flow and some are as usual template. I will be giving brief introduction about all templates. Following are the templates can be found in Expression Blend 3 RC.


Figure 1.1 Normal Silverlight 3 Templates by default.


Figure 1.2 After expanding the Left Pane we can see Two Project types.


Figure 1.3 Expanding the Project Types you will find Sketch Flow project inside it.


Figure 1.4 Displaying the templates available for a WPF Project type.

These are the common templates found in Expression Blend 3 RC. In my next article we will see some of the new features of Expression Blend 3.

Enjoy Silverlight 3.