Installing Application from Marketplace

Imagine a file not associated with any program in your Windows Phone 7. What would you do?

You would install the program to view it, wouldn't you?

In this hint, we will make a sample demo about Adobe's PDF file.

You might wish to see your PDF files while using Windows Phone 7.

Then do not worry; Adobe Acrobat Reader is the way to go.

Let's assume we have a file like this:

Take a look at the PDF file.

When you click on the PDF file you will see an Information Window:


"Yes" will take you directly to the Marketplace where you will find Adobe Acrobat Reader:


Here, you can view screenshots of the application before installing, rate the application or share it with everyone.


I have sent Chris a comment about Adobe's PDF Reader; where he can install it via Zune Marketplace.

Or we can view the Screenshots before trying it? Or Reviews? And Related Products for your Windows Phone 7?


This is the screenshot of the application.


Here are some reviews with comments and ratings from users who also installed the application.


And also Related Applications that might interest you. Besides there is information about the reader telling when it was first released, version, size of the package, supported languages and link to the Adobe's other Windows Phone 7 applications.

Now install this application to view PDF files.



Before installing any program on your Windows Phone 7, you will need to sign in with your Live ID.

Because I am using tjhe emulator (limitations), I won't be showing you whats next until I get my hands on a real Windows Phone 7 :)

So I will update the article then; don't worry.

But if you have the device and after the installation has finished, you will be viewing PDF documents with Acrobat Reader.

Thats it!

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