Enabling Filestream in SQL Server 2012

This article describes how to enable FILESTREAM using SQL Server Configuration Manager. The Filestream enables SQL Server-based applications to store unstructured data, such as documents and images, on the file system. The FileTable feature in SQL Server 2012 builds on Filestream and you must enable this feature for FileTable to work. The example is developed in SQL Server 2012 using the SQL Server Configuration Manager. The simple procedure to do that is described here.

Simple procedure to enable and change FILESTREAM settings

1. "Start menu" -> "All Programs" -> "Microsoft SQL Server 2012" -> "Configuration Tools".


2. Now click "SQL Server Configuration Manager".

The following window will be opened:


3. "SQL Server Services" -> right-click and select "Open".


4. Now click on "Open".


5. Select "SQL Server (SQLExpress)" -> right-click then click on the property.


6. Now click Property.

The following window will be opened:


7. Now click the "FILESTREAM" tab.


8.  Now select all the check boxes to enable filestream for transact-SQL access.


9. Now click on the "Apply" button.

In SQL Server Management Studio

10. Click "New Query" to display the Query Editor or CTRL+ N and enter the following Transact-SQL code:

EXEC sp_configure filestream_access_level, 2


11. Press F5 to execute

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