Account Settings In Windows 10


Here are the steps for getting Windows 10 Account Settings. Here you will get options to sync your settings, sign-in settings, etc.
Click the Windows Start button and select the user. Here my username is 'venkat.'  Right-click on the user icon and select Change account settings.
Account Settings
You are now provided with the option to change between local and Microsoft accounts. Here you can see other options as well:
  • Sign-in
  • Work access
  • Family & other users
  • Sync your settings
Microsoft accounts
Profile pictures can be added or modified here.
Profile picture
You can change the system password, system wakes up and sleep options.
Require Sign in
In addition to system passwords, PIN and 'Picture password' can be added. Here you can see the description as well. Just click on Add for moving further.
Sign in Option
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In this article, we learned about Account Settings In Windows 10.   

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