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In this post, we will see how we can change our default search engine from Bing to Google in windows 10. We all know Windows 10 has come up with a brand new web browser Edge with lots of cool features, this edge browser has Bing as the default search engine. Some users might not like Bing as much as Google. I am such one, I always use Google as my search engine. And it always gives accurate results too. So I thought of changing the search engine from Bing to Google in Windows 10. Here I will show you how. I hope you will like this article.
Steps to change the default search engine in Windows 10.
Open the Edge browser in your Windows 10 computer. And go to settings as in the following image:
Open Edge Browser in Windows 10, Now please go to advanced settings.
View Advanced Options In Edge browser, Now you can see Bing Option in “Search in the address bar with” column.
Search in the address bar with an option in Edge, Click add new from the list.
Add new search provider In Edge, Type in the search bar area and choose it. And click “Add as default”.
Add a search browser as default in Edge, Now you can see in the search browser list.
Google as a search provider in Edge, It is time to test what we have done. Try searching for anything in the Edge browser and see the result.
Test browser searches result in Windows 10 Edge.
Browser search results in Windows 10 Edge, That’s all, thanks for reading.

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