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Displaying Search in XML and Accessing Protected Data in JIRA Tool in Testing

By Gaurav Chauhan on Dec 12 2012
In this article we discuss how to display search in XML and accessing protected data in JIRA Tool
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JIRA issue Navigator enables the user to display your search results in XML format. The user can also choose the fields to be included in the XML output.

How to display your search results in XML format

  1. Click on Search for Issues under issue drop-down.


  2. Refine your search, as described in searching for issue, then click on the views icon.


  3. Click on  XML from the views drop-down menu.


  4. Search results will be displayed in XML format.


If the user wants to restrict which fields should be included in the XML output, use the field parameter. In order to choose how many issues are included in the XML output, change the value of the tempMax parameter. The default value of the tempMax parameter is 1,000 issues (i.e. tempMax=1000).