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Viewing History and Reviewing an Issue in JIRA Tool in Testing

By Gaurav Chauhan on Dec 06 2012
In this we discuss viewing history and reviewing an issue in JIRA tool.
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An issue's change history is the description of changes that have been done on the issue e.g. changes to an issue field, attachment of a file, deletion of a worklog, creation or deletion of an issue link and deletion of a comment.

For each change that has been done on an issue, the following is recorded:

  1. The time at which the change was made
  2. The person who made the change
  3. If an issue field was changed, the new and old values of the field

How to view an issue's change history

  1. Click on the issue of which the user wants to see the history
  2. Click on the "History" tab under "Activity" section; see:


  3. The list of changes that have been done on the issue will be displayed, as in:


JIRA allows users to view the reviews related to an issue (that is, where the JIRA issue key was referenced in the commit message), if the user is using an Atlassian Crucible.

The Reviews tab provides the user with an expandable list of code reviews related to the issue. This allows the user to view the commit message and list of source-code files in each commit. The user can also view the history for a file, create a Crucible Review and see the review status, if the user is using Atlassian Crucible download files.

How to view an issue review:

  1. Click on the issue that the user wants to see the review for
  2. Click the "Reviews" tab under "Activity" section; see:


  3. The list of code reviews related to that particular issue will display.