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SharePoint 2010 - Configuring a Site

By Jean Paul on Mar 16, 2012
In this article we will see how to configure a site in SharePoint 2010.

In the previous article we saw how to create Site Collections and Lists with Libraries inside them.  In this article we can explore how to configure a site.

To proceed, please open the site collection we have created in the previous article, e.g.: http://appes-pc/my/personal/dotnet/default.aspx


This is the main page displayed when accessing the URL.  We can customize the page by adding more contents to it.  For this, use the Site Actions > Edit Page option from the left side menu.


The page will appear in Edit Mode as shown below:


We can add Web Parts to the section.  The Web Parts can be used to display:

  • Image
  • Html Content
  • Silverlight Application etc.

     For the Time being, we are adding a Content Editor Web Part.


Click the Add button to add the web part to the page.


Use the highlighted area to add new content to the web part. You can add your own contents about the site. You can use the Formatting Ribbon for text formatting, Page Ribbon for inserting Hyperlinks etc.  After the editing is finished use the Page Stop Editing button.


The following is the content I have just added:


Site Permissions

Another important configuration feature is Site Permission. Using Site Permission we can enable/disable site users for a particular site collection / site. 

Use the Site Settings > Site Permissions menu item to get the screen.


On clicking the Site Permissions item, you will see the following screen:


There are 3 groups of users:

  • Members
  • Owners
  • Visitors

You can select each group and add/remove the users/user groups inside it. In this way the site read/write permissions are managed.

You can always create a new group using the Create Group menu item from the ribbon.

There is also a special group called Site Collection Administrators accessible from the ribbon.


Site Settings

We can use the Site Settings screen to manage the advanced features of the site like:

  • User Permissions
  • Site Content Types
  • Site Columns
  • Regional Settings
  • Workflows
  • Themes
  • Site Features
  • Search Settings

The Site Settings can be accessible from My Site > Site Settings menu item.





In this article we have explored configuring a site in SharePoint 2010.

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