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Post-Recovery Test Run Options Screen in QTP in Testing

By Varesh Tuli on Nov 09, 2012
In this article I discuss the Post-Recovery Test Run Options Screen.

Post-Recovery Test Run Options Screen

When you clear the Add another recovery operation check box in the Recovery Operation screen and click next, the Post-Recovery test run options screen opens. The Post-Recovery test run options specify how to continue the run session after Quick Test has identified the event and performed all of the specified recovery operations.


Quick Test can perform one of the following run session options after it performs the recovery operations you defined.

Repeat current step and continue

The current step is the step that Quick Test was running when the recovery scenario was triggered. If you are using the on error activation option for recovery scenarios the step that returns the error is often one or more steps later than the step that caused the trigger event to occur.

Proceed to next step

Skips the step that Quick test was running when the recovery scenario was triggered. Keep in mind that skipping a step that performs operations on your application may cause subsequent steps to fail.


Proceed to next action or component iteration

Stops performing steps in the current action iteration and begins the next action iteration from the beginning.


Proceed to next test iteration

Stops performing steps in the current action and begins the next test iteration from the beginning.

Restart current test run

Stops performing steps and re-runs the test or component from the beginning.


Stops the test run

Stops running the test or component.





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