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Add Start Menu in Windows 8

By Mahesh Chand on Dec 03, 2012
How to enable Start Button in Windows 8 using a third party add-on.
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Enable Start Button in Windows 8

We know Windows 8 is missing the Start button and Microsoft blew it big time. But small developers are taking advantage of this opportunity by building their little add-ons.

Do you want the Start button back in Windows 8?

Well, there are alternatives. One of the alternatives I am using is Power8. Download Power8.

I downloaded Power8 and it seems to be working just fine. The UI does not look as Metro as you would expect in Windows 8 but it does the trick. At least for me.

The .MSI is a small file that takes only a few seconds. There is no need to start it or anything. The Start button pops right in as soon as the installer is finished. 

The UI looks like this:


To run a program, you will have to double-click on it. Single-click does not work.

Update Dec 09, 2012

It looks like Windows 8 unpinned Power8 icon from my Taskbar after a few days.

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