MacroMagic .NET for VB and C#

Macros Included - AddPropertyAccessor,Regionise, TryCatchSelect, TryCatch, TryCatchFinally, ForLoop, ForEachLoop, SelectCase_Switch, IfElse, IfNoElse, DoWhileLoop, Whileloop, ThrowNewException, InsertEnum/InsertComponent/InsertException/InsertSimpleObject, PrependAttribute ,SwapCase.

Includes a class namespace and hierarchy browser for easy selecting - this is especially useful when VSStudio Intellisense is uninformative (for example when you want to throw an exception and you want to select just the exceptions from the System.IO namespace or browse other namespaces for more appropriate exceptions.)

Simply works on code blocks selected in the IDE.

To install just right click on a macro project in the Macro Editor project explorer, select Add Existing Item and choose the file from the zip. Add References to System.Drawing.dll and System.Windows.Forms.dll for the macro project in add reference dialog.