Skinned Mesh Viewer v2.2

The BETA 2 is much clearer and not compatible with the BETA 1 so this release is just a port.To change the values in the numerical boxes, click into them then use the cursor up/down keys. The display method is timer based because there were some issues with the invalidating used in v1.0. This shouldn't impact the usage however i would be happy to receive feedback on this.

What's New:

  • The Application has been adapted to Visual Studio BETA 2 SDK.
  • Minimum screen resolution requirement has gone up to 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Some Animation & Bone information is reported out.

To Do in the next version:

  • Finishing the Animation display so that bone & keyframe animation is played and reported.
  • Decide on a small API Interface and document it for a 3D Engine.
  • Allow customized Window sizes and locations. Free up the resolution restrictions.

To build:

A ZIP-file in this Directory contains the project for VS Beta 2. Just unzip it somewhere sensible and load up.

Thanks to the Guy who sent me a proper version of the dxVBLibA.dll for BETA 2. I've got his email somewhere... Thanks also the the people who played around with v1.0 and sent me mails.

Also, please note my email address has changed.

Again, regards,

See readme.txt for beta 1.