My Windows 8 Application for WOWZAPP 2012

By Ibrahim Ersoy Nov 23, 2012
Lately i joined to WOWZAPP Windows 8 Application Competition.According to the given samples in the race,the idea was to develop an E-Learning Application.

So i started to think an app. idea and wanted to build an application for Geography students in high schools and colleges as well as for adults who wants to know more about their cities and improve theirGeneral Culture.

So here's the application:

View it on HD to get a much better display ;)

Since its Turkish,you can only answer Turkish cities.But i will be working on a global version at the start of March 2013 - my exams starting next month sorry :)

So if you liked/disliked it please comment

Ibrahim Ersoy
Ibrahim Ersoy

Ibrahim Ersoy helps running and managing C# Corner. He is a Software Consultant in Sharepoint field. He is also interested in Universal Apps, Nodejs, Javascript and mobility. He is also a 2 times C# Corner MVP.