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  • Orleans 3.0 Released

    The latest release of Orleans, 3.0, features Distributed ACID transactions and a new scheduler.
  • Massachusetts Police Force exploring robotic help from Boston Dynamics

    Recently revealed documents show that the police force has obtained and is testing uses for the popular dog-like robot.
  • GitLab Releases Version 12.5

    GitLab 12.5 brings EKS cluster integration, environments dashboard and Sourcegraph integration.
  • Tesla finally reveals their shocking but versatile Cybertruck

    The company's new vehicle is capable of hauling thousands of pounds, carrying gear, racing sports cars, off-roading, withstanding extreme hits, and much more...
  • Facebook And Microsoft Join Forces For Remote Development

    Facebook said that Visual Studio Code is a platform on which it can safely bet its development platform future.
  • Google Earth rolls out new 'storytelling' feature

    The new ability allows users to create a customized narrative based around locations and media of their choosing.
  • Robotics company Picnic announces $5 million raised

    The company, once known as Vivid Robotics, is known for its innovation in the robotics/food industry sector.
  • Salesforce And Apple Launches New Products For Business

    Apple and Salesforce rolled out redesigned Salesforce Mobile App and new Trailhead GO learning app.
  • Ford to go green with its newest Mustang, the Mach-E

    The 2021 rendition of the classic muscle car by Ford Motor Company is a unique surprise, being an electric vehicle set in the body of an SUV.
  • Dart 2.6 Arrives With New Compiler dart2native

    dart2native is an extension of Dart's existing compiler set.
  • Motorola's new razr to be a Verizon exclusive

    The company's highly anticipated new flip device has been announced as exclusive to Verizon
  • Shaming the slow websites by Google chrome browser

    Google has announced to badge slow websites. This is a step taken to promote good user experience.
  • Major tech companies unite to provide cross-platform WebAssembly

    Intel, Mozilla, Red Hat, and Fastly hope to bring cross-platform features to WebAssembly and improve its security
  • Introducing Orleans 3.0

    Orleans is a cross-platform framework for building distributed applications with .NET. For more information, see
  • Microsoft Announces GA Of Azure Functions Premium Plan

    Microsoft announced serverless functions with no cold start and network isolation.
  • Tableau and Amazon Web Services to bring new features to cloud analytics

    The partnership has announced a new initiative known as Modern Cloud Analytics, which will use the combined knowledge of both companies to improve the data migration process
  • Facebook's new logo minds us of it's vast Internet presence

    The company is now branding itself through all its services, a reminder of the number of social media outlets they control
  • Australia man arrested for cryptocurrency crimes

    The Victoria Police Department stated that they retrieved large amounts of cash from the man's home, and have also seized a cryptocurrency ATM machine
  • Google and health network partnership raises red flags

    The partnership between Ascension, one of the nations top health systems and Google, raises concerns about the records Google will and analyze
  • Research company releases new version of dangerous fake-news bot

    Created by OpenAI, the bot is conditioned to produce various styles of text, depending on user input, leading to potential misuses
  • Mercury set to make a rare appearance tomorrow

    According to NASA, on Nov. 11 the planet is set to pass in front of the Sun for the first time in years.
  • Critical security issue found with Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell

    The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has been found to allow unwarranted access to the user's home network configuration in specific situations.
  • Suspect chemical identified in the outbreak of vaping deaths

    The CDC has announced vitamin E acetate as a major ingredient of concern
  • Mozilla Firefox to begin blocking push notification requests

    As an experiment, the web browser will offer the feature to select users of Firefox Nightly
  • Tor and Python to open first New York City offices on NYU campus

    The new opening of the software company's offices will benefit researchers and students alike
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