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  • Microsoft Plans To Invest $1 Billion In OpenAI

    The two companies will jointly build new Azure AI supercomputing technologies
  • Researchers Built A Quantum Gate With Qudits

    Purdue University researchers claim that the qudit gate will be much more efficient and stable than qubits gates.
  • GraphQL Foundation and Joint Development Foundation Join Hands

    The GraphQL Foundation and Joint Development Foundation (JDF) announced their collaboration for accelerating open-source and open standards for API development and consumption.
  • RAD Studio 10.3.2 Brings Expanded Support For Windows 64-Bit And macOS 64-Bit

    RAD Studio 10.3.2 is now available, a single source codebase that can be used across Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • AT&T And Microsoft Partnered On Cloud, AI and 5G

    AT&T And Microsoft have made a multiyear alliance on Cloud, AI and 5G technologies.
  • Microsoft Is Open Sourcing Its Quantum Development Kit

    Microsoft has open-sourced its Quantum Development Kit (QDK), enabling the community to contribute quantum apps and algorithms, and advancements in compilation, optimization and tooling
  • Progress Announces Corticon 6.0

    According to the company, Corticon 6.0 offers a more efficient means of connecting to REST APIs and extracting the data necessary for improved decision making.
  • IBM Acquires Red Hat

    IBM bought Red Hat for a total of $34 Billion. The acquisition will make Red Hat a distinct unit within IBM and a part of IBM's Cloud and Cognitive Software segment
  • Apple Tests iCloud Sign-Ins With Face ID and Touch ID

    People who are using the beta for iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or macOS Catalina can now sign onto their accounts using Face ID and Touch ID.
  • NATS 2.0 Released

    Recently, NATS, an open source messaging system, announced the general availability of NATS 2.0.
  • Google Open Sources Robots.txt Parser

    Google has open sourced the 20 years old C++ library that it uses for parsing and matching rules in robots.txt files
  • Google Fuchsia OS's Developer Page Goes Live

    Google' has launched the developer website for its modular, capability-based OS Fuchsia.
  • ActiveState - For Building Custom Python And Perl Environments

    ActiveState is a platform that helps you in building custom python and perl environments, by automating much of the complexity.
  • Elixir Rolls Out Version 1.9

    Elixir Version 1.9 featuring releases support and improved configuration is now available.
  • Cloudflare Releases Its Interoperable Reusable Cryptographic Library : CIRCL

    Cloudflare has released the source code of CIRCL which is a collection of cryptographic primitives written in Go and contains packages that target cryptographic algorithms for post-quantum (PQ), ellip
  • GitHub Purchases Pull Panda

    Pull Panda, a startup that makes code review tools for developers has been acquired by GitHub in order to provide tools for free.
  • NVIDIA Extends Its Support For Arm CPUs

    NVIDIA will support Arm CPUs to help the HPC industry build extremely energy-efficient, AI-enabled exascale supercomputers.
  • WSL 2 Available In Windows Insiders

    The newly released Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 is now available in Windows Insiders.
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services, Azure ML And AI Workload Now Generally Available

    Recently, General availability, for cognitive services, Azure ML and the AI workload in Power BI Premium was announced by Microsoft.
  • Exciting AI and Enterprise Features For Power BI

    Microsoft introduced a bunch of new Exciting AI and Enterprise features for Power BI, at Business Application summit, Atlanta.
  • WCF Open Sourced

    Core WCF is a new community-owned OSS project under the .NET Foundation
  • Microsoft's Next-Gen Xbox Console, Scarlett, Arrives 2020

    Microsoft's next-gen Xbox console, codenamed Project Scarlett, will be launched in Fall 2020 and will support 8K gaming. It will be 4X as powerful as the Xbox One X.
  • Google Stadia Launches in November, Pre-Order Now at $129

    Google reveals: it's streaming game service, Stadia, launches in November with Founder’s Edition at $129.
  • Google To Buy Looker For $2.6 Billion

    Google and Looker have entered into a definitive agreement, where Google will acquire Looker, for $2.6 billion
  • Apple Asks App-makers To Position Its Login Button As Top Option

    Apple has asked app-makers to put Its sign-in button above google and facebook.
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