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  • Google and health network partnership raises red flags

    The partnership between Ascension, one of the nations top health systems and Google, raises concerns about the records Google will and analyze
  • Research company releases new version of dangerous fake-news bot

    Created by OpenAI, the bot is conditioned to produce various styles of text, depending on user input, leading to potential misuses
  • Mercury set to make a rare appearance tomorrow

    According to NASA, on Nov. 11 the planet is set to pass in front of the Sun for the first time in years.
  • Critical security issue found with Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell

    The Ring Video Doorbell Pro has been found to allow unwarranted access to the user's home network configuration in specific situations.
  • Suspect chemical identified in the outbreak of vaping deaths

    The CDC has announced vitamin E acetate as a major ingredient of concern
  • Mozilla Firefox to begin blocking push notification requests

    As an experiment, the web browser will offer the feature to select users of Firefox Nightly
  • Tor and Python to open first New York City offices on NYU campus

    The new opening of the software company's offices will benefit researchers and students alike
  • Microsoft bends reality with the release of its HoloLens 2

    The new device combines the abilities of the cloud, virtual reality, and powerful AI, in order to create a unique holographic experience.
  • Climate change melts away sea ice, along with penguin's chances of survival

    A recent study has shown that the beloved Emperor penguin could reach near extinction by the end of the century
  • Harley-Davidson allows a glimpse at its new electric bicycles

    Coming from a renowned brand and featuring a sleek design and premium aesthetics, the bike will likely stand out among its competitors.
  • Microsoft and Nokia Join Forces To Accelerate Fourth Industrial Revolution

    The two companies have announced their strategic collaboration to accelerate digital transformation and Industry 4.0.
  • MaaS Global plans to roll out popular transit app globally

    After raising $33 million, the company is ready to bring its subscription-based app, Whim, to a broader customer base
  • Tesla to reveal its new, futuristic electric pickup Truck

    CEO Elon Musk has tweeted that the vehicle is set to be unveiled on November 21
  • Twitter to soon release new 'Topics' feature

    This new addition will allow the user to follow and learn more about their specific interests
  • In recent Wall Street report, Xerox considers purchasing HP

    The purchase would mutually benefit both companies, despite HP's higher financial worth
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange leaves Users and Authorities in the Dark

    Canadian company Einstein Exchange has yet to make contact with authorities regarding money owed to its clients
  • Git Project Launches Git 2.24

    Git 2.24 arrives with a code of conduct.
  • Microsoft announces Quantum Computing available through Cloud

    Using several different quantum computers, Azure will soon offer this new technology to cloud users.
  • Xiaomi releases highly anticipated Mi CC9 Pro

    The company's new smartphone will take advantage of advanced specs and an unparalleled camera system.
  • Microsoft's reduced work week shown to be successful

    The company's Japan office reported a productivity increase despite less hours required by employees.
  • Microsoft to change Edge browser logo as part of switch to Chromium

    After years spent with their classic logo, the company has decided to shake things up along with their browsing technology.
  • LG files patent lawsuit against Hisense

    Alleging that Hisense has stolen their technology, LG resorts to a legal battle to settle the issue.
  • Microsoft announces new app for popular Office software

    New app plans to centralize and simplify the Office experience on mobile devices.
  • McDonald's CEO fired for relationship with employee

    A vote last Friday confirmed the expulsion of Steve Easterbrook based on the company's strict manager-employee relationship policy.
  • Apple devotes $2.5 billion to affordable housing in Silicon Valley

    The tech company has pledged to address the growing housing availability crisis in California.
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