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Open source LINQ for JavaScript

By Gohil Jayendrasinh Dec 28, 2011
linq.js is very useful javascript file for ASP.NET developer

Open source LINQ for JavaScript



if you like working with javascript / jquery and you are  ASP.NET C#  developer and  knowlage of LINQ then linq.js is very useful for you. Its support more than 50 methods.

Using this .js file  you can

  • Generating Methods
  • Filtering Methods
  • Join
  • Set
  • Ordering
  • Grouping
  • Aggregate
  • Paging
  • Convert Methods like (ToArray, ToObject, ToDictionary, ToJSON, ToString)
  • Action Methods like (ForEach, Write….)
  • Functional Methods
  • Error Handling
  • IEnumerator
  • Dictionary


You can download it from  and it's Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)

I hope this information is very useful for javascript developer.