Speaking at MVP Lead Community Events in Turkey

By Ibrahim Ersoy Dec 13, 2012
January will be my month :) I'll be speaking and presenting a nice demo show about "Windows Store and Windows Phone Applications" between 7-14 January 2013 in Turkey in 4 different cities

Hi Friends,

I've got good news!  I'll be speaking at 4 cities in Turkey for the MVP Lead Community Event between 7-14 January 2013.

My presentation will be about a demo show : "Building Connected Windows Store and Windows Phone applications using WCF"

Register to the events below!

7 January ISTANBUL (Istanbul Teknik University)
9 January IZMIR           (9 Eylul University) 
11 January ANKARA   (Hacettepe University)
15 January HATAY      (Mustafa Kemal University)


Will be giving and updating this blog with more details later ;)

Ibrahim Ersoy
Ibrahim Ersoy

Ibrahim Ersoy helps running and managing C# Corner. He is a Software Consultant in Sharepoint field. He is also interested in Universal Apps, Nodejs, Javascript and mobility. He is also a 2 times C# Corner MVP.