Printing in C# Made Easy
  • Date Posted: July 31, 2007
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  • Author: Mahesh Chand, Mike Gold

This book is an in-depth treatment of printing functionality available in .NET Framework with real-world ready to use sample code written in .NET 2.0. This book also answers some of the most commonly asked questions such as how to print text files, how to print forms and controls and much more.



This book covers the following topics -

  • Basic understanding of printing process in .NET
  • How to get and set printer and page settings
  • How to get and set paper size
  • How to get and set paper tray
  • How to print text and text files
  • How to print drawings and graphic shapes
  • How to print images
  • How to use print dialogs
  • How to write your own custom printing and page setup dialogs
  • How to print multi page documents
  • How to print a Form and its controls
  • How to print invoices
  • How to print a ruler
  • How to print a bar code
  • How to print a DataGridView control

Author Information

C# Corner Authors Team, led by Mahesh Chand and Mike Gold, founders of C# Corner is a team of Microsoft .NET MVPs, Authors, Experts, and Consultants, who is dedicated to bring .NET technology in an easy-to-understand approach with real-world ready-to-use applications. Contact C# Corner Authors Team at authors@c-sharpcorner.com.



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