Regular Expressions (Regex) in C#

Mahesh Chand

Regular Expressions (Regex) in C#

  • Published on Mar 01 2024
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This eBook, "Regular Expressions (Regex) in C#," is a practical guide designed to help you understand and master the use of regular expressions within the C# programming language. The content is organized into seven key areas, starting with an introduction to working with DateTime values, which is essential for managing dates and times in your applications. The book covers formatting and parsing DateTime to ensure you can convert dates and times to and from strings effectively and dives into DateTime arithmetic for performing calculations with dates and times.

You'll also learn about date and time manipulation, which is crucial for adjusting dates and times, and creating schedules within your applications. Handling time zones is another important topic, as it enables your applications to work correctly across different regions. Lastly, the book introduces advanced DateTime techniques, offering insights into more complex operations and scenarios you might encounter while working with dates and times in C#.

Through this eBook, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize regular expressions in C#, with a particular focus on managing and manipulating date and time values efficiently and effectively.



  • Introduction of DateTime
  • Working with DateTime Values
  • Formatting and parsing DateTime
  • DateTime Arithmetic
  • Date and Time Manipulation
  • Handling Time Zones
  • Advanced DataTime Techniques