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  • Effective Ways To Customize Your Android SmartphoneMay 20, 2016. In this article you will learn some effective ways to customize your Android smartphone.
  • What Is New In Windows 10 MobileNov 19, 2015. In this article you will learn about new features of upcoming Windows 10 for Microsoft Smartphone operating system.
  • Get Automatic Pictures From Device and Upload to Web ServerAug 14, 2015. In this article, we'll see how to develop a Windows Phone app capable of automatically taking photos and uploading them to a web server.
  • A New Era of Smartphone: Google ARAMar 04, 2015. This article is really interesting and it’s all about Google’s mighty smart phone project Project ARA.
  • Start Programming in Windows Phone 7Nov 16, 2010. Microsoft Windows Phone 7 not only represents a break with the Windows Mobile past but also differentiates itself from other smartphones currently in the market. Windows Phone 7 devices will be made by several manufacturers and available with a variety of cell providers.
  • Developing a Tablet Application for Sales ForceMay 19, 2010. Mobile access to data is becoming part of our lives. Not only in personal sphere, but especially in variety of industries can be seen a growing demand for mobile data access. People use laptops, smartphones and pocket PCs and the market is opening for tablets more than ever before. Let's find out what developers might use when developing tablet applications.
  • User interface on a mobile deviceDec 17, 2007. Article introduces Resco MobileForms Toolkit - set of Visual Studio controls, designed for mobile application development.
  • SmartPhone Album Program with C#Mar 16, 2005. This article shows how to represent image’s thumbnail in ListView control, how to work with multi-forms and pass information with each other in a smart phone application, how to do simple image-processing, how to scroll picture in a picturebox and use the smart phone’s dpad keys.

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