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  • Introduction To the New Jira Time TrackerMar 25, 2016. In this article you will get an introduction to the new Jira Time Tracker. It is a tool available for free.
  • Working With Change Tracking Proxy in Entity Framework 6.0Jul 10, 2014. In this article you will learn how to work with a Change Tracking Proxy in Entity Framework 6.0.
  • Google Patent Search in ASP.NetJun 29, 2013. This article describes how to add a Google Patent search feature in ASP.Net. Here I will describe how to communicate with the Google Search API.
  • Working with PNGs using GDI+Nov 10, 2012. PNG overcomes the color depth hurdle by providing up to 48Bpp (bits per pixel). Just as importantly, the PNG format is patent-free and available for use by anyone.
  • Mobile Stock Quote Tracker in VB.NETNov 10, 2012. We will create a mobile stock quote tracker program in this article. The program retrieves the real time quotes of symbols specified by the user and displays the results in a user friendly format. The user can also specify the high and low thresholds for setting alerts. The View Stock Alerts screen displays the stocks that have crossed above the high threshold and stocks that have values below the low threshold.
  • Using Google Analytics (Users Activity Tracker) in ASP.NetJun 20, 2010. This article will demonstrate how to track the users' activity (different locations worldwide) of websites using Google Analytics.
  • Stock Tracker Custom Control in C# .NETMar 07, 2007. This article describes the construction of a custom control used to check stock prices as made available through a public web service.
  • Gym Exercise Tracker in C# and .NET - Printing the DataGridViewMar 05, 2006. This article demonstrates an Exercise Tracking Program in C# that you can use to track your daily exercises. It uses the DataGridView and an Access Database to display exercise data. The program also let's you print out your daily routine.
  • Using Genetic Algorithms to Design Logic Circuits in C#Feb 05, 2003. The article goes to explain that GA (Genetic Algorithms) have been used by various programmers to come up with 15 previous patented inventions + (and here is the startling part) some new ones! I can see the running joke in the patent office now.
  • Yahtzee Program Using C#: Part IIJan 31, 2002. This is an update of the Yahtzee program for VS 2005. Included in this version is a Game Reset and a High Score Tracker. The Top Ten High Scores are tracked using an Array with sortable components. In this article we will talk about the IComparable interface used to make an object stored in an array sortable.
  • Stock TrackerJul 18, 2001. This program is a utility to track stock quotes for multiple symbols.

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