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How to Create a DataTable And Add it to a DataSet

By Mukesh Kumar on Jun 24, 2011
In this article we are going to see how to create a DataTable and add it to a DataSet

In this article we are going to see how to create a DataTable and add it to a DataSet.

Example :

using System;
using System.Data;

namespace CreateDataTable
static void Main(string[] args)
DataSet objDs = newDataSet();

// Add a DataTable to DataSet directly
DataTable objDt1 = objDs.Tables.Add("Table 1");
//  add some columns here

// Creating the table and adding it to the DataSet
DataTable objDt2 = newDataTable("Table 2");
//  add some columns here

// Add multiple DataTables to the DataSet
DataTable objDt3 = newDataTable("Table 3");
DataTable objDt4 = newDataTable("Table 4");
//  add some columns here
            objDs.Tables.AddRange(newDataTable[] { objDt3, objDt4 });

Console.WriteLine("DataSet has {0} DataTables \n", objDs.Tables.Count);
foreach (DataTable objDt in objDs.Tables)
Console.WriteLine("{0}", objDt.TableName);

Console.WriteLine("\nPress any key to continue.");

In this example we are using the Add() and AddRange() methods of the DataTableCollection of the DataSet to add a DataTable to a DataSet. Here are examples of three different techniques to add a DataTable to a DataSet.

  1. Add a DataTable directly to a DataSet

  2. Create a DataTable and Add it to a DataSet

  3. Create multiple DataTable objects and add them to DataSet using the AddRange() method of the DataTableCollection of the DataSet.

The DataTableCollection contains all of the DataTable objects for a particular DataSet. You can access the DataTableCollection of a DataSet using the Tables property.

The key methods of the DataTableCollection are Add(), AddRange(), AddRange(), Clear(), Contains(), CopyTo(), IndexOf(), Remove(), RemoveAt()

Add() method has four overloads:

  • Add()

  • Add(DataTable dataTable)

  • Add(string tableName)

  • Add(string tableName, string namespace)

Output :



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