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ASP.NET Programming

Adding Bound Columns to GridView in ASP.NET

By Suresh Paldia on Nov 29, 2010
In this article you will learn how to Add Bound Columns to GridView in ASP.NET.

Step 1:

Drag GirdView from Toolbox on your design page.

Step 2:
Check out the code of aspx page. It will be something like this

<asp :GridView ID="GridView1″ runat="server">

Step 3:

Now add one bound column, this way

<asp :GridView ID="GridView1″ runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false">
asp :BoundField HeaderText="ColumnName" DataField="ColumnName" />

Note: Set the AutoGenerateColumns to false.

Note: HeaderText="ColumnName" is the name appearing as column heading in gridview.

Note: DataField="CoumnName" is the name of column returning from the SELECT query result.

Step 4:

You can add one or more bound columns also

<asp :GridView ID="GridView1″ runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false">
asp :BoundField HeaderText="ColumnName" DataField="DataColumnName" />
<asp :BoundField HeaderText="ColumnName" DataField="DataColumnName" />
<asp :BoundField HeaderText="ColumnName" DataField="DataColumnName" />

Step 5:

Example: Say your code behind class contains -

Strinf sql = "SELECT emp_name,emp_id,emp_salary,emp_email FROM .......";
SqlDataAdapter ad = new SqlDataAdapter(sql,connectionObject);
DataSet ds=new DataSet();
GridView1.DataSource = ds;

Now, in some situations you want some additional columns to retrieve for later use.

But, while binding the DataSet to GridView you want to display limited columns.

Here, you retieve columns: emp_name,emp_id,emp_salary and emp_email

But, you dont want to display email in gridview but want to use it in your code behind class somewhere.

So, you need to set the AutoGenerateColumns = false.

Then, you need to bound the columns which you want to bind to gridview.

<asp :GridView ID="GridView1″ runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="false">
asp :BoundField HeaderText="Employee Name" DataField="emp_name" />
<asp :BoundField HeaderText="Employee Id" DataField="emp_id" />
<asp :BoundField HeaderText="Salary" DataField="emp_salary" />

Step 6: Run the application

Result would be:

Employee Name Employee Id Salary
Suresh Paldia 3625132 25000
Himanshu Bhardwaj 2564125 25632
Kamal Gupta 4125452 25654

And DataSet still contains emp_email which is not bound to gridview but can be retrieved out of dataset and use

Happy Learning...