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Deploying Web Applications using IIS Express

By Mahadesh Mahalingappa on Sep 08, 2011
In this article, we are going to see how to deploy web applications using IIS Express

I am using a Windows 7 Home Basic in my Laptop . It does not have a IIS . I was really struggling to take the advantage of IIS in my system . But now using IIS Express I can easy take advantage of IIS . Lets see how simple it is to deploy Web applications using IIS Express .

Download IIS Express from the following site as shown below :

It is a 3 Mb download . Download and install it in your system .

Deploying Web Applications using IIS Express

Once the Installation is completed .

Browse to the path :

C:\Program Files (x86)\IIS Express and click on the iisexpress application .

Deploying Web Applications using IIS Express

IIS Express would be started as shown below :

Deploying Web Applications using IIS Express

Open up Visual Studio . Open any Web Project which you would like to host .

I have opened a Silverlight project here .

Our aim is not to use the Visual Studio Deployment Server as I have already said.

So right click on the Web project .

Deploying Web Applications using IIS Express

Select Use IIS Express .

The following message would appear . Say Yes .


Visual Studio would prompt a message as shown below . Say Ok .


You could see the IIS Express icon in the current running tasks list as shown below :


Make the web project as start up. Run the project .

Click on right click on the IIS Express and say show all applications .


IIS Express Opens up .



Now we can browse our application as shown below :


Thanks .

Mahadesh Mahalingappa
Mahadesh Mahalingappa

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