How to change the existing Name Server


As we know Name Servers are machines that perform mapping domain name to hosting server IP address. When we rent hosting for space on a server, hosting company gives us name servers. For example

Domain Control Panel and Name Server

Login to domain control panel and you will get home page, as I am getting this


Above interface is my own domain control panel. As I have registered only one domain I will face my registered domain as


In above picture you can see my registered domain name that is ''. Now in below picture you can my domain details that include information like Order id, Domain Name, Privacy Protection, Current Status, Creation Date, End Time and Theft Protection etc.


Here is my current running name server in image given below.


I can change my hosting server using the button given below. As we know hosting server company use to provide name server and that name server we use here. If you want to change your hosting company then simply get the backup of your entire website and change the name server as provided by new hosting server company. Now you have to use that backup there on new hosting server. Here we will change and save.


In the picture given below, we can change our who's lookup wizard by clicking Who's Format link given below.


After changing we can see our who's details as given below



I hope this article will help you to solve your lots of Name Server Problems.