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Connect to Access Database in C# and ADO.NET

By Muhammad Imran Taj on Feb 26, 2008
This artilce explains how to connect and get data from an Access database in C# and ADO.NET.

These are very simple steps to create and connect an Access database in C#. 

  • Create Access database (e.g  student)

  • Now open you notepad and click on save As button. Name then Imran.hdl. Change save type "ALL FILES".

  • Now double click on imran.udl file. A wizard will start like this:

  • Click Provider TAB, select Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB (denoted by black arrow) then click next. Now click "Select or enter a database name" and select the desire database then click open.

  • Now click on test connection and click OK
  • Now edit this UDL file with note pad and copy link as shown below

  • Now Open Visual Studio editor and create Text boxes and buttons like

  • Double click on the form and add some code

cmd.CommandText = "insert into student values(" + this.textBox1.Text + ",'" + this.textBox2.Text + ",'" + this.textBox3.Text + ",'" + this.textBox4.Text + "');";
int temp = cmd.ExecuteNonQuery();
if (temp > 0)
    MessageBox.Show("Record Added");
    MessageBox.Show("Record not Added");

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