A New Web Browser for Our Friend -- Vivaldi

By Muhammad Aqib Shehzad on Apr 20 2016
Vivaldi, a new Web Browser with faster navigation, smarter browsing, and tab management.
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Faster Navigation
  • Speed Dial -Quick links to your favorite sites, available in every new tab.
  • Speed Dial Folders - Organize your Speed Dials into folders for convenient access.
  • Quick Commands - Control everything in Vivaldi with simple text commands
  • Fast Forward - Jump to the next page in a sequence. Great for search results.
  • Rewind - Return to the first page you’ve visited at a site.
Smarter Browsing
  • Notes - Take notes while you browse and link them to a specific site.
  • Web Panels - View any site in your Vivaldi side panel. Perfect for side-by-side browsing or social media.
  • Side Panel - Fast access to bookmarks, downloads and notes.
  • Search Box - Search using a number of providers, or add your own.
  • Custom Search Engine - Add almost any search field on the web to Vivaldi.
Tab Management
  • Sessions - Save a set of open tabs and open them whenever you want.
  • Tab Stacks - Drop a tab on top of another and save it as a stack.
  • Visual Tabs - Expand the tab bar to see a visual preview of your open tabs.
  • Trash Can - Restore closed tabs or blocked pop-ups.
  • Tab Cycling - Quickly navigate between open tabs.
  • Tab Stack Tiling - View stacked tabs in a grid or side-by-side.
  • Bookmarks Bar - A toolbar for to simplify accessing and managing your bookmarks.
  • Nicknames - Assign a nickname to a bookmark for fast access from the address bar.
  • Mouse Gestures - Perform every key browser action with mouse movements.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Use key combinations to perform browser actions quickly.
  • Speed Dial Background - Personalize the background image of your Speed Dial.
  • Web Page Zoom - Zoom the contents of a web page up and down.
  • User Interface Scaling - Adjust the size of the elements of Vivaldi’s user interface.
  • One-click Color Change - Change the UI of Vivaldi with just one click.
  • Adaptive Interface Color - Vivaldi’s user interface adapts to the color of the web page you’re viewing.