Content Publishing

Thank you for your interest in submitting your article. Using our Content Publisher wizard, you can publish and update your articles live. Please read the following guidelines before using the content publisher. Just make sure you read the guidelines below.

Getting Started

Hello and thank you for your interest in publishing your contents with us. As acommunity web site, we heavily rely on our members and authors, who are a vitalpart of the site and we want to make sure our authors have a smooth experience whensubmitting their contents to the site. This page contains the information and guidelinesabout our Content Publisher. The Content Publisher is a wizard that guides you throughvarious steps to make sure your contents gets submitted successfully. Please readthe submission guidelines carefully. If you still have any questions, feel freeto contact us here.

The Procedure

After you submit your article to us, our editors review your contents and makesnecessary corrections to the article if required. If corrections require an author'sattention, the editor sends email to the author to complete the article. Once oureditor is satisfied, he/she approves the article and article gets published on thesite immediately.

What do we expect from you?

When it comes to publishing articles, the quality and subject of the article playa major role and we want to ensure that we manage both. Before publishing an article,you may want to make sure you are submitting an article on a topic, which has notbeen published on our site yet. If you have any questions, you can ask our editorto speed-up the process. As an author, you should be responsible for the following:

1. Make sure your article idea is original and it doesn't reflect somebody else'sidea, contents, and source code.
2. Make sure you select a proper major category and minor categories.
3. Make sure you provide correct information about keywords, search text, technology,languages, and other options.
4. Make sure your article describes your code so readers can understand it easily.
5. There are no grammatical and other errors.
6. All images are uploaded and being viewed correctly, if applicable.
7. Source code in the article has a proper code format.
8. Your name, profile, and contact details to publish in 'About the Authors' section.


As an author, you AGREE that you havenot copied article contents, images, ideas or other material from somewhere elseand you are solely responsible for these contents. C# Corner and its affiliatesincluding sponsors and advertisers in no event responsible for the contents andany related material published by you.



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