Some useful features in SQL Server 2016

While going through the SQL Server new features, I came across some very useful features, which I felt like must be shared. These include the following:
1. Dynamic Data masking: Display sensitive data as masked data, when the SELECT query is executed on a column.
2. Support for Json : Yes that's true. SQL Server 2016 now supports storing the data in Json format. No new data type is required. Use the NVarchar data type with some new Json functions and you can get/store the data in Json format. Read the complete details here:
3. Row level security: Now we can secure the access to the data at row level, based on the user login into the SQL Server database. This includes creating a function in sql server, which contains the logic to decide the access on the tables and associating this function to the user login. See the complete article here:
4. Always Encrypted data: This includes encryption of the data by generating encryption keys in SQL Server. Read the complete article here:
Hope you will like these resources. Happy Querying...!!!

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