Displaying an Image In Xamarin

This article covers the following topics in detail:
  • Adding and Organizing Image Assets - How images assets can be include, organized and managed inside a Xamarin.iOS project.
  • Adding Images to Asset Catalogs - Managing images with Asset Catalogs.
  • Adding Images to a Folder - Managing image assets with folders.
  • Using Images with Controls - How to use image assets included in a Xamarin.iOS project with UI controls such as UIButton and UIImageView and how to work with images in C# using the UIImage object's FromBundle and FromFile methods.
  • Working with Template Images - By setting an Image Asset to be a Template Image, you can easily colorize it to match changes to your app's UI theme by setting the image's Tint property.
  • Important Image Considerations - Several considerations that should be taken into account when working with image assets in an iOS application.
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