RxJava For Android With Example

Learn how to implement RxJava in Android with real-world useful examples. This repository contains following examples:
  • Background work & concurrency (using Schedulers)
  • Accumulate calls (using buffer)
  • Instant/Auto searching text listeners (using Subjects & debounce)
  • Networking with Retrofit & RxJava (using zip, flatmap)
  • Two-way data binding for TextViews (using PublishSubject)
  • Simple and Advanced polling (using interval and repeatWhen)
  • Simple and Advanced exponential backoff (using delay and retryWhen)
  • Form validation (using combineLatest)
  • Pseudo caching : retrieve data first from a cache, then a network call (using concat, concatEager, merge or publish)
  • Simple timing demos (using timer, interval or delay)
  • RxBus : event bus using RxJava (using RxRelay (never terminating Subjects) and debouncedBuffer)
  • Persist data on Activity rotations (using Subjects and retained Fragments)
  • Networking with Volley
  • Pagination with Rx (using Subjects)
  • Orchestrating Observable: make parallel network calls, then combine the result into a single data point (using flatmap & zip)
  • Simple Timeout example (using timeout)