Selenium 3.0 Documentation

  • Selenium is an open source tool, which is used to execute the test scripts on the Web aApplication.
  • As we know Selenium is an open source tool; it supports various programming languages such as Java,C#, PHP,JavaScript, Ruby etc.
  • Selenium supports various operating systems to execute the Web Application like Windows, Linux, MacOS etc.
  • Selenium is written, using one of the famous programming languages; i.e. Java, and its a cross-platform.
  • Selenium supports various programming languages and various platforms. For these reasons, most of the top companies prefer Selenium rather than using Quick Test Professional (QTP) and CodedUI, which are both licensed versions.
  • It supports various Browsers such as Google Chrome, Edge Browser, Firefox Browser, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.
  • Each Browser has its own driver for executing the test scripts on their Browsers such as for executing the selenium Scripts on Chrome we have Chromedrivers, for executing the selenium Scripts on IE we have Internet Explorer drivers, for executing the selenium Scripts on Safari we have Safari drivers, for executing Selenium Scripts on Opera, we have Opera drivers.
  • Internet Explorer(IE) and Google Chrome supports both 32bit and 64 bit version, where you can download and use based on your system requirements.
  • In Selenium earlier versions like Selenium 1.0 and Selenium 2.0, we do not need to set up Firefox drivers for executing the scripts on Firefox Browser. By default Selenium has support for Firefox.
  • In Selenium 3.0, all the vendors like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Firefox have their own drivers to work on Selenium.
Refer the above link for Selenium 3.0 Documentation. 

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