Atom: A Hackable Text Editor

Atom is open source hackble text editor.
Its full features:
Cross platform editing
  • Atom works all operating can use it on OS x, Windows and Linux.
Smart autocompletion
  • Atom helps you writ programming code faster than other editor and smart autocomplete.
Built in package manager
  • You can search and install new package or creating you own from within Atom.
File system browser
  • Easy to browse and open single file, a whole project or mutiple projects in one window.
Find and replace
  • Find,replace and preview text as you type in a file all projects.
Multiple panes
  • Split your atom interface into multiple panes to compare and edit code all files.
  • You can get thousands of open source packages and functionailty to atom or build a package from  scrathch and publish it for everyone to use.
  • Atom comes with pre installed with four UI and eight syntax themes in dark and light colors.
  • Its easy to customize and style atom.
Download link: