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Difference between Selenium IDE , Selenium RC , Selenium Grid , Selenium Webdriver ?

In this link we will see the difference between Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, Selenium Webdriver. Selenium IDE is the starting version of selenium, it supports record and replay feature, the drawback with selenium IDE is its supports executing with only firefox browser, it does not support execution remotely or parallel execution.
The next version is the selenium RC(Remote Control) which supports execution with almost all the browsers like chrome, firefox, IE, Opera etc. It does not supports Record and replay feature because it does not have any User interface. It is an API which consists of classes and Methods and its object-oriented programming.
It supports development with the programming languages like C#, JAVA etc. The drawback with Selenium RC is it depends on the client-server architecture. To execute test cases we need to run the server.
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