Best Interview Questions On AngularJS

Last month, I had an interview on Angular. The interviewer asked me many questions; some were hard while some were quite easy.
Unfortunately, I  got rejected in that interview. However, after that, I searched for various AngularJS interview questions on Google and prepared a list of somewhat 80 Angular 1.x Interview Questions. 
  1. What is AngularJS? List some benefits of using AngularJS?
  2. List some Pros an Cons of angular js?
  3. What is Angular Module? How to create a Module in Angular js?
  4. What is Angular Controller?
  5. What is $scope?
  6. What is $rootscope? How is it different from the scope?
  7. What is the difference between $scope and scope?
  8. What are Angular Expressions?
  9. List the major browsers Supported by Angular js?
  10. How to enable HTML5 mod in Angular 1.x?
  11. List some of the built-in validators in Angular JS?
  12. What is Angular’s prefixes $ and $$?
  13. What are directives? How to create and use custom Directive in Angular js.
  14. How can you invoke a directive in Angular Js?
  15. Explain ng-repeat directive in Angular Js.
  16. What are Constants in Angular? How to create and use Constants in Angular Js?
  17. What is a Service? why we use a service in Angular Js?
  18. Explain $q service, deferred and promises?
  19. What are Filters in Angular js? List some filters in Angular js.?
  20. In angular js which service obj is not the singleton?
  21. What are Compile, Pre, and Post linking in AngularJS?   .............................
    ........... and so on.
You can find the answers to these questions from Here.