Nowadays, we can see that MS Excel is a very popular Office tool which is being used for various customized reports by using tricky formulas and in-built functions etc.

In this resource, I’m going to explain how to avoid VLOOKUP or INDEX & MATCH functions to save time & headache. Alternatively, we can say it is a substitute of VLOOKUP or INDEX & MATCH formula (technically, it is not a formula. Just a trick where we are going to use a pivot table to get things done).

So, let’s start with the topic.

Suppose, we have data of 1000+ rows and columns.

Now, we have been appointed the task to take some required fields from the database like employee designation and salary by using their employee id etc.

In such scenario, we just think to use unique values like employee ID, assuming that VLOOKUP or INDEX & MATCH is the perfect solution (No doubt, it's perfect); but if we have again received the command from boss to take family details of the employees, then what? Then, we have to write/repeat the formulae (VLOOKUP/INDEX & MATCH)? NO!

In such a scenario, a pivot table is the best option where we can save time, as well as the headache.

Here is the external link to understand pivot tables.

Thank you!