Install and Use New Template in Joomla Site in PHP

In this article I will tell you how to install a new tamplate and use it in Joomla. In the previous article I described installation and use of a simple image gallery in a Joomla site.

First of all we will download a new template from this link:

Step 1. After downloading the template we will go to the admin panel of the Joomla site, such as in the following image:


Step 2. After login to the admin panel we will go to Extension -> Extension Manager.


Step 3. Now we will browse to the template and then Upload & Install.


Step 4. When we have installed the template we will get a message saying "Installing template was successful".


Step 5. Now we will go to Extension -> Template Manager.


Step 6. Now select the newly installed template, then set as the default template.


Step 7. Now we can see the template in our site. For this purpose we will click on view site.



So in this article you saw how to install and use the new template in the Joomla site. Using this article one can easily understand the process of installation of the new template in Joomla.