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Welcome to PHP programming section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various PHP Programming related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • Implode() and Explode() Function in PHP

    In this article you will see how to use the implode and explode functions in PHP.
  • MySQL Like Operator in PHP

    In this article I will explain the MySQL Like operator in PHP. The MySQL Like operator is based on pattern matching and commonly used to select data based on pattern matching.
  • Introduce Type Hinting In PHP5

    This article explains type hinting using PHP5. Functions square measure are currently able to force parameters to be objects by specifying the name of the category within the operate prototype, interf
  • Date() Function in PHP

    Using this article one can easily understand , how to format a date and time in PHP and related functions.
  • Working with PHP functions with XAMPP

    In this section we are going to understand with php functions. PHP is very well known in the world of web-development & is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web Pages.
  • Mathematical Functions in PHP

    In this article you will see how to use mathematical functions in PHP. abs () function, dechex () function, sqrt() function, log() function, floor() function, ceil() function, pow() function, max() fu
  • Include() and Require() Function in PHP

    Using this article one can easily understand the include() and require() functions in PHP.
  • Functions in PHP

    Using this article one can easily understand the concept of functions in PHP.
  • Exploring Kraken - A Distributed And Async PHP Framework

    PHP frameworks are noted for their developer friendly feature and robust nature. PHP itself is a widely used programming language, so the different frameworks in themselves are hugely admired and wide
  • XML Parser In PHP

    In this article, I explain about the XML parser in PHP. The tree-based parser transforms an XML documents to tree structure. The event-based parser views XML documents as a series of events.
  • Var_dump Function In PHP

    In this article, I will explain the var_dump variable handling function in PHP. The var_dump() function dumps information about a variable.
  • Strategy Pattern In PHP

    This article explains about Strategy Pattern in PHP. Strategy Patterns have a common pattern that helps us to create decisions on completely different cases,
  • MySQL Fetch Array Function in PHP

    In this article I explain the MySQL_Fetch_Array() function in PHP.
  • Generate A Random Password And OTPs

    Passwords are important for security reason. Now we will create simple passwords that that are difficult to hack. You can do this by using special characters in passwords.
  • Codeigniter Login With AJAX

    This blog shows how to create a simple login form in Codeigniter using AJAX.
  • How To Connect A Signup Form With Database

    In this article, we are going to learn how to connect MySQL database with HTML form.
  • Sending Email From Localhost

    Now the developer can test email functionality before deploying to the production or staging server in his local environment itself. Just we need to change few files in XAMPP to make it work.
  • Two Important Questions In PHP

    PHP is an open source server side scripting language commonly used for web applications.
  • How To Take Screenshot Using jQuery And PHP

    Hello all, today in this article we will learn how to take screenshots using jquery and php. So, basically we will create a webpage and in the webpage we create a button which will take screenshot usi
  • Setting Up Google App Engine And Uploading An Image To Google Cloud Using PHP

    In this article, you’ll learn how to deploy a PHP project to Google App Engine and how to upload an image to Google Cloud Bucket.
  • Create Event Calender In Laravel

    In this tutorial we will learn the implementation of Full Calender (Javascript Event Calender) in Laravel.If we want to show our events,tasks & schedules along with the start time and end time the
  • How To Control SQL Injection In PHP

    This is an interview question, when a person showcases himself as the FULL Stack developer, it is very important that the developer should have base knowledge on the security aspects of the applicatio
  • CRUD Operation On A User Profile In PHP/ MySQL

    In this article, I’ll show you how to perform the CRUD operation on a user profile in PHP/MySQL.
  • Building WordPress Theme From Scratch - Part One

    Hi all, I am writing a series to create a theme in WordPress with all functionalities like show blog post and add widgets on the front page. I will create this series for absolute beginners who want t
  • Script For Login, Logout And View Using PHP, MySQL And Bootstrap

    This article shows how to make a login, logout and view script using PHP, MySQL and Twitter Bootstrap.
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