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  • SQL Injection Step By Step - Part One

    This article explains how SQL injection can be used to bypass the login page of a PHP application.
  • Starting With PHP - Installation, Syntax, Variables, Constant

    In this article, you will learn how to get started with PHP - installation, syntax, variables, and constant.
  • Convert Array to String in PHP

    This code explains how to convert an array into a string in PHP. Also, how to convert a string into an array in PHP.
  • Random String in PHP

    PHP rand function generates a random string. In this article, learn to create a random string in PHP.
  • Include() and Require() Function in PHP

    Let's learn php include file functionality using the include() and require() functions in PHP.
  • Dropdown List in PHP

    In this article you will see how to create a static and dynamic drop down list in PHP.
  • Insert Statement With PHP Script

    In this article we are going to have a glance at the insert into statement through PHP. The INSERT INTO statement is used to insert new records in a table. Here we are going to explore the concept tho
  • Database Connectivity (Insert and Select) With MySQL in PHP

    This article explains how to insert and select data from database into a HTML table in PHP.
  • Insert Value From Radio Button in MySQL in PHP

    Using this article one can easily understand how to insert a value from a radio button into a MySQL database in PHP.
  • File Handling In PHP

    This blog demonstrates file handling in PHP. Files are used to store data permanently on a hard disk. PHP supports built-in library functions to interact with files.
  • Insert Value From CheckBox In Database (MySQL) In PHP

    In this article you will see how to insert a value from a checkbox in the MySQL database.
  • Implode() and Explode() Function in PHP

    In this article, learn how to use PHP Implode function and PHP Explode function in an application. Explode() function breaks a string into an array. Implode() function returns a string from an array.
  • Step-By-Step Guide To Setting Up A Full-Text Search In Laravel Using Scout

    Laravel Scout is a driver-based & straightforward solution. It adds Full-Text Search to Eloquent Models. The library makes use of model observers. The reason for that is to keep the search index i
  • MySQL Like Operator in PHP

    In this article I will explain the MySQL Like operator in PHP. The MySQL Like operator is based on pattern matching and commonly used to select data based on pattern matching.
  • Introduce Type Hinting In PHP5

    This article explains type hinting using PHP5. Functions square measure are currently able to force parameters to be objects by specifying the name of the category within the operate prototype, interf
  • Date() Function in PHP

    Using this article one can easily understand , how to format a date and time in PHP and related functions.
  • Working with PHP functions with XAMPP

    In this section we are going to understand with php functions. PHP is very well known in the world of web-development & is a powerful tool for making dynamic and interactive Web Pages.
  • Mathematical Functions in PHP

    In this article you will see how to use mathematical functions in PHP. abs () function, dechex () function, sqrt() function, log() function, floor() function, ceil() function, pow() function, max() fu
  • Functions in PHP

    Using this article one can easily understand the concept of functions in PHP.
  • Exploring Kraken - A Distributed And Async PHP Framework

    PHP frameworks are noted for their developer friendly feature and robust nature. PHP itself is a widely used programming language, so the different frameworks in themselves are hugely admired and wide
  • XML Parser In PHP

    In this article, I explain about the XML parser in PHP. The tree-based parser transforms an XML documents to tree structure. The event-based parser views XML documents as a series of events.
  • Var_dump Function In PHP

    In this article, I will explain the var_dump variable handling function in PHP. The var_dump() function dumps information about a variable.
  • Strategy Pattern In PHP

    This article explains about Strategy Pattern in PHP. Strategy Patterns have a common pattern that helps us to create decisions on completely different cases,
  • MySQL Fetch Array Function in PHP

    In this article I explain the MySQL_Fetch_Array() function in PHP.
  • Generate A Random Password And OTPs

    Passwords are important for security reason. Now we will create simple passwords that that are difficult to hack. You can do this by using special characters in passwords.
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