Install and Use Simple Image Gallery in Joomla in PHP

In this article I will tell you how to install and use a very simple image gallery in Joomla. First of all you will download an image gallery plugin from this link:

Step 1. Go to the administrator part of your Joomla site. Then go to Extension -> Extension Manager.


Step 2. Now browse the plugin, then upload and install the file from your computer.


Step 3. When the plugin has been uploaded and installed then you will get a message i.e. installing plugin was successful.


Step 4. Now go to Extension -> Plug-in-Manager.


Step 5. Select very simple image gallery plugin, then edit or double-click on this plugin.


Step 6. Now you will do status will be enabled and select ordering very simple image gallery then save.


Step 7. Now go to Content -> Media Manager.


Step 8. Now we will create a folder for saving the image. Write the folder name (image_folder) then click on the create folder button.


Step 9. Now browse the images from your computers, such as in the following image:


Step 10. Now go to Content->Article Manager. Select an article in which you want to insert a gallery, then edit or double-click on this article. In the following image select the gallery article.


Step 11. Now write the title, alias, category, status, language. Then write the {vsig}folder_name{/vsig} in the message box then save.


Step 12. Now click on the view site.


Step 13. Now open the gallery; then you will see your image gallery.



So in this article you saw how to install and use a very simple image gallery in a Joomla site. Using this article one can easily understand the installation process of image galley plugins in Joomla sites.

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