Is my Gmail Account Being Tracked

You may not realize it but many companies are making money by just tracking and reading your personal and business emails. Google was one of the companies that was accused of reading your personal emails. There are companies that make money by just tracking your emails, including Yesware, Postmark, Streak and MailChimp. If you use Google Chrome browser and Gmail, there is some help to determine which emails are being tracked.

The Ugly Email too is a Chrome extension that marks your emails that are being tracked. Currently, Ugly Email detects tracking pixels from Streak, Yesware, Mandrill, MailChimp, Postmark and Bananatag. Ugly Email is actively working on adding more.

“Google and other companies may be reading and tracking your personal emails”

Once you install it (Ugly Email is a Gmail extension to your Chrome browser) it starts to work right away. When you go to your Gmail inbox, you will see the Ugly Email "eye" icon next to each email that is being tracked.


I just downloaded and installed the Ugly Email extension and opened Gmail in Chrome to see what I find. Two of my most important business emails are marked by the “evil eye”. I can't believe someone is tracking my important business emails.


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