In this demo-heavy talk, we run through using the Azure Percept Audio Module to control common appliances around our home.

We start out by looking at what the Audio Module is, its features as well as Azure Percept Studio and Speech Studio...

We then move on to a basic web-based implementation of how the Percept can control devices in our home.

We then take a look at Azure Speech Studio and how we can create Custom Keywords, Commands and Parameters.

We'll then dive into how we can implement a solution using Azure IoT Hubs, a Raspberry Pi, some simple electronics and electrical wiring, to control items around our home.

This talk will appeal to folks who want to understand how we can use voice to automate our homes, as well as those with an interest in how IoT services can be used to make our lives easier.

Accessible to all experience levels, we'll run through everything you need to get going with the Azure Percept Audio Module!

Home Automation with Azure Percept - S02 Ep. 15
May 23 2022


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