Azure Key Vault - Create Key Vault

In this article, we'll learn about Azure Key vault and go through step-by-step process to create a Key Vault in Azure. This article is a part of a multi part series for Azure Key Vault. Furthermore, this series is an integral part of the Azure Cognitive Services - Sentiment Analysis Tutorial.

Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault is basically the cloud service provided by Azure in order to store and access secrets securely. From storing and managing the secrets to certificates and keys, it is all enabled by Azure Key Vault. Passwords, API Keys, Certificates can be secured with Azure Key Vault in just a few steps. Mainly two different kinds of containers are supported by the Azure Key Vault Service namely, the Managed Hardware Security known as HSM pools and Vaults. The Vault enables storing various software along with the HSM-backed secrets, certificates, and Keys whereas the Managed HSM pool are limited to HSM-backed keys support.

Let us learn to create a Key Vault in Azure.

Step 1

Visit the Azure Portal. We’ll be welcomed o the home page.

Step 2 

Search for Key Vault. You’ll be the shown drop-down with Key Vaults in Services.  

Step 3 

Now, on the Key Vaults page, click on Create key vault or the Create Button.  

Step 4 

We’ll be taken to the Project Details fill up page. Here, list in your Subscription and Resource Group (create a new one if you don’t already have one).


Next, fill up the Instance details which includes the Key Vault Name, Region and choose the Pricing Tier. Here, we’ll go with the Standard Tier.  

Now, Click on Access Policy.  

Step 5 

Here, we can see, my user under the Current Access Policies. Since we are focusing right now for the Azure Cognitive Services - Sentiment Analysis Tutorial, we’ll add Access Policy for the Cognitive Service.  

For this, click on Add Access Policy.  

Step 6 

Now, we’ll select the Principal. For this, click on None Selected link.  

Step 7 

Now, the Principal box will pop. Search for Azure Synapse Studio.  

Once, you find it, Click on Select.  

Step 8 

Configure from Template as Key, Secret & Certificate Management. Select the 9 permissions and 7 Secret permissions. We also have 15 selected Certificate permissions.  

Once, it's all set with the Azure Synapse Studio principal selected too with the Object ID, click on Add.  

Step 9 

Now, Click on Review + Create 

Step 10 

Once, our details and subscription are validated, a green pop-up will be shown.  


Click on Create now. 

Step 11  

Finally, the deployment will initialize and we can see the update of the process in the notification as well as the Key Vault’s Overview page.  

Step 12 

Lastly, as the deployment is successful, we’ll be provided with the Go to Resource Link. 

Click it, to visit the Key Vault page.  

Thus, the Key Vault has now been created.  


Thus, in this article, we learned to create a Key Vault in Azure which we can utilize in different projects and use cases. Later, we’ll use this Key vault to add the Secret of Key from Text Analytics of Azure Cognitive Service and later link the service in Azure Synapse Analytics for the Sentiment Analysis Tutorial.  

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