Introduction to Dreamweaver


Adobe Dreamweaver is one of the most famous web development tools used in the world. It is a proprietary software provided by Adobe, especially for web development. It has various features while comparing with the other tools. This tool is unique in its own way. We can easily import the template files which were prepared by another Adobe software. In this article, we will discuss Dreamweaver and its applications and advantage. Even though it is proprietary software, Adobe is giving a free trial for seven days. You can download Dreamweaver by clicking here or if you already have the Creative Cloud software you can download it from there.

Modes in Dreamweaver

The main advantage of using Dreamweaver is you can view the live update of the webpage in which you are working, instead of viewing it in a browser. There will be three modes available in Dreamweaver. They are:
  1. Code
  2. Split
  3. Live & Design
The mode of Dreamweaver which allows you to code for the website:
Introduction To Dreamweaver 
The mode of Dreamweaver which has a split screen, that enables you to see the changes made and how the website is coming in the top portion. The bottom portion is for coding.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 
Live & Design
The mode of Dreamweaver which allows you to see the live changes made and to see how the website has come.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 

Steps for Creating a Website Using Dreamweaver

Step 1
Create a new HTML file by clicking File New, or by clicking Ctrl+N.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 
Step 2
After that, a dialog box will open with different options for creating a file. In that, you can choose the HTML file type and the language for coding. You can also link the CSS file for that site or you can import the templates. After all processes, click the create button.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 
Step 3
In this step, you can code for your website and as usual, you can save it under the .html extension.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 
Step 4
Then you can check the output of your website using the browser or by using the live & design tab in Dreamweaver.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 

Advantages of Dreamweaver

There are a lot of advantages to using Adobe Dreamweaver. As I said earlier, it is unique in its own way. It helps people develop web content easily with drag and drop, and with the help of other software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD. I already wrote the articles on Illustrator and XD, you can read the article for Illustrator by clicking here and the article for XD by clicking here

Importing other files and templates

In Dreamweaver, you can easily import the templates and the files which can be used for web development from the different extensions. This will help you design a good and attractive website.

Drag and drop concept

Here a person who doesn't know a single line of coding is able to develop a web page by designing a template in other software, import it into Dreamweaver, and then use the design option you can create your web page by simple drag and drop concept. Sometimes the developers use this concept for adjustment of text and image instead of using the values for padding.
Introduction To Dreamweaver 

Live Preview

Instead of using a browser for a preview for the web site, you can easily see the preview of the site in Dreamweaver itself. That will save time, because the changes will come into action even though you did not save the file. It saves the time taken to switching between the browser and tool and reloading the page in the browser.


Dreamweaver is a tool specially developed for easy and effective web development. It helps you to create your own website easily and host them using servers.