Introduction To Adobe Illustrator - Part Two


Adobe Illustrator is a graphic designing tool, which can be used for designing various purposes. It is a proprietary software provided by Adobe Creative Cloud. But for testing purposes, you can download the trial version by clicking here. That will ask for your Adobe account. You can use an Adobe account you have used earlier, or you can easily sign-up with your existing Gmail account.


Illustrator is made for design. You are able to design any kind of layouts, diagrams, icons and a lot based on your need. The multimedia designers are using it for creating some 2D and 3D drawings. Developers use it to create and design their front end. Applications of this software depend on the person who use it.

Designing with Illustrator

You are able to design a lot with Illustrator. For this article, I am going to demonstrate to you how to create a front end design for a mobile application using Illustrator. Just open the illustrator and wait for it to load. It shouldn't take much time.
Adobe Illustrator 
After that, a home page opens, which contains some predefined artboard for design purposes.
If you want more choice, you just click the create new button available.
Adobe Illustrator
By clicking that it will display a lot of available options for you to design, or if you want to create an artboard based on your requirement means also you can create a one based on your requirement.
Now I am going to choose the iPhone X layout for designing.
Adobe Illustrator 
By clicking more settings, you also have the option of importing the template you may have for your design purposes.
Adobe Illustrator
Then you just click the create document. The document opens with an empty artboard. There, you can design whatever you need. The designing can be done easily using the tools given by the illustrator. If you are able to get a shape, it means you can easily draw it in the illustrator.
Adobe Illustrator 
You also have the option of image tracing in the illustrator. You can also easily copy the assets from the other vector file. It supports all the extensions that the vector files are used to store.


There will be a lot of exporting options available in illustrator. You can choose the one that you need. I am just going to choose export as an option.
Adobe Illustrator 
By clicking it, it will display various options available for exporting the file. I chose a photoshop file because it will be easily importable for all kinds of designing tools.
Adobe Illustrator 
By choosing that, you can change the settings for exporting the file as .psd by choosing the color model, resolution of image, etc...
Adobe Illustrator 
Then, by clicking Ok, the system will automatically create the photoshop file that you have designed hereAdobe Illustrator
You also have the option of exporting it as a template file. By doing this, it will help you to choose the default template for artboards related to the same project. There is also an option for exporting it as a web page, which generates the HTML and CSS code for that design.
After exporting, the file will be available in the location which you have chosen earlier for the export.
Adobe Illustrator 
You can also normally save the file as an Illustrator file, with the extension .ai.
There will be a lot of advantages while using Illustrator. You can easily import the file which was available in different extensions, and you can also export. You can create an icon of your own use it anywhere. You can draw anything based on your needs. You may design a static webpage using this and export it as an HTML file.


Like other tools, Illustrator has its own advantages. You can use this tool to design and enhance your projects in an attractive manner.