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Welcome to Web Forms section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Web Forms related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • Searching Records From a DataBase and Displaying In a Gridview Using ASP.Net C#

    In this article I have explained how to search the records from database and display them in a GridView using a TextBox, ASP.Net and C#.
  • How To Refresh Token For A Website User

    Suppose, we have to redirect a user to the Login page after a certain idle time. Let's discuss how to refresh the token for another 5 minutes.
  • Accessing Global Address List via System.DirectoryServices Namespace

    This is a how-to article to access the GAL from ASP.NET, using the DropDownList ASP.NET server control as the UI. To accomplish this the article will illustrate by utilizing ADSI technology from a C#
  • Integration Of Google reCAPTCHA V2 In Websites

    In this article, I am going to explore the integration of Google reCAPTCHA V2 with ASP.NET applications as well as how to customize the reCAPTCHA widget.
  • Getting Started With Webpack

    Getting Started With Webpack. Webpack not only bundles our resources like JS and CSS but it also transforms them and allows us to write our code in ES6 (ECMA Script 6).
  • Insert data from Gridview to database

    In this blog we will know how to insert data from Gridview to database.
  • Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET

    There are two closely interlinked concepts at the heart of security for distributed applications - authentication and authorization.
  • Google Launches Web Dev Platform

    To provide resource for developers of all backgrounds to learn, create, and solve on the web Google has recently launched a new web platform -
  • Google APIs - Google Web Authentication

    Google provides a variety of API services such as Google Cloud APIs, G Suite APIs, Google Map APIs, Mobile APIs, Social APIs. Now, we will discuss how to add Google Authentication to your web site.
  • Overview Of Singleton Pattern

    Singleton Pattern is one of the software design patterns which uses only one instantiation of a class.
  • How To Check Browser Compatibility Of HTML Elements And CSS Class

    This blog is created to check the browser compatibility for HTML element and CSS classes.
  • Specificity In CSS

    In this article, we shall learn what is the Specificity in CSS? We shall also know how Specificity is calculated with some example.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio releases LibMan CLI

    Microsoft has announced the release of Command Line Interface (CLI) for Microsoft Library Manager (LibMan), a cross-platform program which can be used across Windows, Mac, and Linux provided the .NET
  • Fixing "Plugin IISBinding Was Unable To Generate A Target" Error

    When you setup Let's Encrypt this message would show up. The POST that teachs how enable HTTPS for free has a gap to make it works.
  • Faster Page Rendering - Part One

    This POST will show you a tip to make faster renderization.
  • String Replacement With Named String Placeholders

    The anonymous nature of placeholders in the String.Format method can make it confusing. Find out how to use named string placeholders in your code.
  • Faster Page Rendering - Part Two

    The CSS is the makeup of HTML, to build the interface CSS it must be compact, not redundant and fast to load, consider using CDN (Content Delivery Network), the CDN will compact your .css, .js and opt
  • An Overview Of Vue.js

    The introduction of Vue has made the development process smooth and easy. It is lightweight, flexible, and offers high performance. Moreover, it also comes with a pack of great tools. It also has effi
  • Full Names Related To Programming

    In this article, we are going to learn the full names of all many abbreviations in programming used commonly.
  • Increase Site Performance: ASP.NET Precompilation

    Decrease your site's warmup time using the precompilation option in ASP.NET.This video covers various aspects of publishing a web application and precompiling it, showing you the exact process thr
  • How Web Development Has Taken Off

    Ever Increasing evolution in the technologies has upgraded the way of the website development processes in the world. Today, building a website is, in many ways, an exercise of willpower.
  • Automate Web Development With GulpJS

    GulpJS is the task runner of JavaScript which lets one automate various tasks involved in development. All these tasks minify JavaScript as well as CSS files. They automatically refresh the browser as
  • What is WebAssembly

    WebAssembly, Wasm
  • Web API Application For Logging And Exception Handling

    The objective of this Web API application is to create a easy configurable and reusable application for logging and exception handling in the database or csv file, or both, according to your business
  • Top 5 Trending Front-End Frameworks In 2018

    Learn about Top 5 Trending Front-end Frameworks of year 2018
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