How To Remain Productive All Day


In this article, I have shared some tips which are very useful to remain more productive all day. Nowadays, we have many commitments while we work. We need to plan our day or schedule our tasks in such a manner that we can complete them on time. Sometimes, we complete the work but sometimes, we fail. Here are some tips and here is the structure of the article:
  • Background 
  • Steps to be productive 
  • Conclusion

What made me write this article is, I was struggling to be productive in a day. I used to do many tasks in a day such as office work, gym, writing articles, and social media. But I was not able to do it all in a perfect manner because of the lack of time. Then, I started to schedule my day and finally, after some days, I found myself in a much better condition. I would like to share these tips with you all. 

Steps leading to becoming productive

Get Up Early 

You may have started your day dragging yourself out of bed at the last minute, rushing to get ready. Are you such a person? Then, here are the benefits of waking up early.
  • You can start the day in a calm manner, instead of pushing yourself.
  • The morning hours are a great time to things done. 
  • Don't look at your social media or emails. 
Make a To-Do list 
  • The very first thing you have to do is make a to-do list and work based on this list. 
  • Make the list so that the tasks can be done on that day and complete those listed tasks
Prioritize your day 
  • We all have many tasks to do by a day. And those tasks will differ from each other. So set priorities for your day. 
Exercise Every Day 
  • Do some form of physical activities each day. This will keep you healthy and there will be a continuous flow of blood around the body which helps you keep active.
  • By exercising, it keeps your cognitive functions and memory sharp and you will feel more energetic. 
Regular Diet 
  • Always have breakfast with nutrition. Many of us will skip breakfast. If you are such a person to skip breakfast, please hereafter don't skip it. 
  • Don't eat junk food, it will lead to many health issues. Always have  nutritious food
  • Don't eat a full meal at lunchtime. You will feel sleepy and you cannot concentrate on work.
  • Always follow a regular diet. 
At The Office
  • Don't do multi-tasking. Set priorities and do them one by one.
  • Avoid your social media networking while you work. 
  • Keep your work environment and desk as clean as possible. It gives you better vibes to work more, instead of a messy desk.
  • Take short breaks. 
  • Don't work in a stretch
Set Time For Social Media 
  • Now we all are using social media regularly. Instead of that, use social media for a particular time period. This will lead you to talk with a person in person or you will talk with your family members more, or you will spend time with your colleagues.
  • Check your unofficial emails also at a particular time in a day.

In this article, I have given some tips to follow which lead you to be more productive in a day. Please share your feedback in the comment section.

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