Install And Configure Syncfusion Essential Studio For Xamarin In Visual Studio 2017

This article demonstrates how to install and configure Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin in Visual Studio 2017. Syncfusion provides the Visual Studio toolbox for your Xamarin Project (Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.iOS). It supports only Visual Studio 2015 and above versions. In this Syncfusion toolbox, there are 130+ free controls, which can be used without coding (draggin and dropping the controls) in XAML designer.
Let's start.
Step 1
Download Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin.
Figure 1 - Download
First, you can download Syncfusion Essential Studio for Xamarin, then double-click to open the executable file and run it.

Figure 2 Proceed
After a few seconds, a new window will appear. In this window, click the Proceed button.
Then, click the Next and Install buttons respectively.
After Installation, open Syncfusion Xamarin Control Panel and go to the Add-On & Utilities tab.

Figure 3 - Run Installer
Next, run the Toolbar Installer. In the new window, select your Visual Studio version and click the configure button. After configuration, restart Visual Studio.

Figure 4 - Configure
Step 2
Add Syncfusion Xamarin Control to your project. We have two ways to add the controls to your project. The first one is creating a new project with Syncfusion Template controls and the second one is adding Syncfusion controls to your existing projects.
Step 2.1 - Syncfusion Xamarin Project Template
You can create a new Syncfusion Xamarin Project Template by going to File >> New Project >> Visual C# >> Cross-Platform >> Select Syncfusion Xamarin Project Template and give the app's name and the solution name and select the Framework version. Then click OK.
Figure 5 New Project
In this dialog, select minimum and target versions for Andriod and iOS Target Device and Version >> choose checkboxes for the controls you want to design for the home page and press Create.
Figure 6 Create
Step 2.2 - Add the Syncfusion controls through the Visual Studio Toolbox
Create the Xamarini Project. The following steps are used to add the Syncfusion controls through the Visual Studio Toolbox.
Open Visual Studio, Choose View menu >> Other Windows >> select Syncfusion Toolbox.
Figure 7 Syncfusion Toolbox
Open the Syncfusion Toolbox. The Syncfusion controls are only enabled in the Xamarin.Forms designer page (.xaml page).
Drag and drop the required Syncfusion Controls into the .xaml page. The dropped Controls code is automatically generated.
Figure 8 Drag and Drop
Install the Nuget Packages based on the Controls in your projects.
We have learned how to install and configure Syncfusion Essential Studio in Visual Studio 2017.

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