Kickstart to Logic Apps in Azure


This article will help you to know about Logic apps under App Service platform of Microsoft Windows Azure. Here, we will be giving a kick-start for Logic Apps in Windows Azure connecting to a social network for automatic access, across the Cloud.

What is Logic App?

Windows Azure allows you to have a Service for an automatic access and use of the data at the Cloud without writing the code by means of Logic Apps. Logic Apps falls under App Service platform of Microsoft Azure.

You can access a temporary Web app, Mobile app and Logic Apps under App Service of Windows Azure without any credit card, free of cost. Click here to get free access to it.

Developer Requirements

  1. Windows Azure account (Click here to get Azure account, free of cost for temporary usage).
  2. A Twitter account or a Facebook account.
  3. An O365 account.

Follow the steps, given below, to create a Logic App

Step 1:
Go to Azure Management Portal and sign in with your Azure credentials. If you don’t have an Azure account, get a free temporary Azure account by clicking the link, given above.


Here comes your home screen of Azure Portal

Azure Portal

Step 2: Go to New -> Web + Mobile -> Logic App (preview).

Logic App

Give App Name, Subscription, select a resource group or create a new one, Location, App Service Plan and click create.


This will undergo deployment and once the deployment is completed, you will get a notification that the deployment has been completed:


Step 3: Click on the Logic App resource and add trigger now:

Logic App resource

Search for Twitter API and select it.

twitter API

Here, sign in for your Twitter account and click Authorize app:

Sign in

Sign in

Step 4: Now, enter the query (text), that you need to search for and add an action by clicking on the “+” sign.

the “+” sign

Here, you can find all API’s available. Select Office 365 – send Email.

Send Email

Send Email

Sign in with your Office 365 account now.

Enter the details, given below for To, Subject, Body, Attachments Name, etc. and click Save.




This app will help you to make your task automated to send an Email with the help of Logic Apps, via any social network connected with any mail account or Cloud storage, where you can save all the data.